Silica Sand / Flour


Adwan Chemical Industries Co Ltd. (ACIC) belong to Adwan Group of Companies established in 1992. ACIC is one of the leading manufacturers of inorganic chemicals and industrial minerals for numerous commercial applications for domestic and export markets.



Industrial Silica Sand

We process silica sand in four stages to get a high purity (SiO > 99.5%) well graded sand for various applications.



Recommended for GRP pipes, Foundry, Construction Chemicals, Oil well drilling & Cementing, Paint, Filtration, Sandblasting.

Silica Flour

We use processed silica sand in our rotary ball mill with air classifiers to produce different grades from 10 to 100 micron.



Recommended for Ceramics, Oil well cementing, Construction chemicals, Paint.

Oil & Gas Sand

We installed advanced equipment to achieve a well graded normal propant (Frac sand and Gravel pack sand)

Sodium Silicate

The State-of-The-Art Technology is used to produce sodium silicate by fusing pure silica sand with soda ash in rotary furnace. A premium product with 0.3% metal oxides is produced.



Recommended for Detergent, Titanium dioxide, Ceramic, Oilwell, Drilling, Paper recycling, Foundry, Construction chemicals.