Rich Chemical is the leading manufacturer of epoxy hardener based on modified amines in China. Rich Chemical also wins competitive market and customers with high quality and good service.

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R-2257K is a low viscosity epoxy hardener based on modified Polyetheramine with Nonyl phenol free light color and fast curing. The condensate with high gloss and hardness, good chemical and yellowing resistance and strong mechanical strength, no blushing on the toop of epoxy flooring coatings.



  • High Gloss
  • No blushing
  • Low viscosity and fast curing
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Strong mechanical strength



R-2217 is a modified aromatic amine epoxy hardener with low odor, low viscosity and fast curing. It intends to use at ambient temperature with liquid epoxy resins. Hardener R-2217 provides an excellent of performance properties in terms of terminal hardness, high gloss and chemical resistance.



  • Fast curing
  • Low viscosity
  • High hardness
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance



R-2293 is a modified Polyetheramine epoxy hardener with low viscosity and irritating, fast curing at later period and long lotlife time after cured with epoxy resin. The condensate with high gloss, non-hygroscopic, fine flexibility and high mechanical strength



  • Fast curing
  • Low viscosity
  • High hardness
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance



R-3002 is a Aliphatic amine epoxy hardener with low viscosity, long potlife time and strong penetration. It has low toxicity, fine flexibility, high mechanical strength.



  • Low toxicity
  • Low viscosity
  • Long potlife time
  • Strong Penetration
  • High mechanical strength



R-2262 is a clear liquid modified cycloaliphatic amine curing agent in epoxy resins. It has excellent UV resistance after cured at ambient temperature, fine flexibility, weather resistance and mechanical strength.



  • Odorless
  • High gloss
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • High mechanical strength



R-3217 is a modified aliphatic amine type epoxy hardener with light color, low toxic, fast curing and low irritation. It proves good toughness and non-blushing on surface. It can be used for dack color top coat.



  • Light color
  • Low toxic
  • Good toughness
  • Low irritation




Product Type Product Type Product Type
R-0592 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2256 Modified Polyether amine R-3106L Modified Aliphatic amine
R-0593 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2256-1 Modified Polyether amine R-3200 Modified Aromatic amine
R-0594 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2257 Modified Polyether amine R-3202 Modified Aliphatic amine
R-0598 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2257K Modified Polyether amine R-3204 Modified Aliphatic amine
R-1080 Anhydride accelerator R-2258 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3205 Modified Aliphatic amine
R-1085 Amine accelerator R-2259 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3206 Modified Aliphatic amine
R-1088 Amine accelerator R-2260 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3300  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2011 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2261 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3301  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2015 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2262 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3308  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2016 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2263 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3310  Modified Polyether amine
R-2017 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2264 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3400  Modified Polyether amine
R-2018 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2265 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3401  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2019 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2266  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3500  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2019L Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-2267  Modified Polyether amine R-3501  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2020 Modified Polymercaptan R-2268  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3502  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2020B Modified Polymercaptan  R-2269  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3503  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2022 Modified Aliphatic amine  R-2270   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3504  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2020K Modified Aliphatic amine  R-2281  Modified mixed amine R-3550  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2023 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2282  Cycloaliphatic amine R-3600  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2025 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-2283  Cycloaliphatic amine R-3601  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2026 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-2284  Cycloaliphatic amine R-3602  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2028 Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-2284K  Cycloaliphatic amine R-3603  Modified Polyether amine
R-2029 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2285  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3604  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2030 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2286  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3605  Modified Polyether amine
R-2210 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2287  Mixed amine R-3607   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2215 Modified Aliphatic amine R-2287-1  Mixed amine R-3608   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2216 Modified Aromatic amine R-2288   Cycloaliphatic amine R-3608D   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2217 Modified Aromatic amine R-2289   Cycloaliphatic amine R-3608L   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2217D Modified Aromatic amine R-2293  Modified Polyether amine R-3609   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2217Y Modified Aromatic amine R-2295  Modified Cycloaliphatic amine R-3610   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2218 Modified Aliphatic amine R-3002  Aliphatic amine R-3611   Modified Cycloaliphatic amine
R-2218B Modified Aromatic amine R-3003  Aliphatic amine R-3700  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2218K Modified Aromatic amine R-3008  Modified Aromatic amine R-3702  Modified Aromatic amine
R-2219 Modified Aromatic amine R-3009  Modified Aliphatic amine R-3703  Modified Aromatic amine
R-2250 Modified Aliphatic amine  R-3101  Modified Aliphatic amine R-3704  Modified Aromatic amine
R-2251 Modified Polyether amine R-3102  Modified Aliphatic amine
R-2252 Modified Polyether amine R-3105  Modified Aliphatic amine