ART PEARL PRODUCT : Functional Beads Polymer

Art Pearl is created through the technology of our suspension-polymerization for Acrylic resin and Urethane polymerization. Urethane beads shows great softness, scratch-resistance, etc. Acrylic beads shows great weather-resistance, etc.




Cross-linked Acrylic Beads

Code Appearance  Code Appearance
G-400T White SE-020T White
G-800T White SE-010T White
GR-200T White SE-006T White
GR-300T White GR-50W White
GR-400T White GR-50BK Black
GR-600T White GS-350T White
GR-800T White J-4P White
GR-400BK Black J-5P White
GR-800BKG Black J-7P White
GR-004BK Black J-4PY White
SE-090T White J-6PF White
SE-050T White

Cross-linked Polyurethane Beads

 Code Appearance Code Appearance
C-100T White C-600TH White
C-200T White JB-400CB White
C-200BK Black JB-600T White
C-300T White JB-800T White
C-300WA White CE-400T White
C-300BK Black CE-800T White
C-400T White AK-800TR White
C-400WA White TK-800T White
C-400BK Black TK-1000TR White
C-600T White MM-101SW Milky White
C-800T White MM-120T White
C-800WA White C-400R Red
C-800BK Black C-400BL Blue
C-1000T White C-400Y Yellow
P-400T White C-400GR Green
P-800T White MT-400YO Ocher
U-600T White MT-400BR Brown