Jinyu Calcined Kaolin


Calcined Kaolin for Coating JYCK 95

The JYCK series of Kaolin based pigments are produce through delamination, calcination, and classification. The well-controlled processes ensure them have no coarse particles and maintains absolute minimum of 325 mesh residue, so the end of user can achieve a high Hegman grind. The pigments also have high brightness, strong hiding powder and superior dispersibility.



  • It is the best extender of titanium dioxide with excellent opacity that can improve efficiency and cut costs by partly replacing titanium dioxide.
  • It can easily disperse in water-based system.
  • It offers superfine particle and with excellent anti-settling property.
  • It is inert to most acids and alkaline at ambient temperature and offers good anti-corrosive capabilities.

Calcined Kaolin for Wire and Cable JYCK 95/96GX

JYCK-95/96GX is a dehydroxylated aluminium silicate produced by a controlled, high-temperature heating of a water-fractionated kaolin. JYCK-88A was specifically designed for use as a filler in polyvinyl chloride electrical insulation.


Calcined Kaolin Clay for Ceramics

325meshes kaolin is produced through grind, calcinations and classification. The well-controlled processes ensure the product have no coarse particles, so the end-user can achieve a high Hegmen grind. The product also have high brightness, good hiding power and superior dispersibility.