Forward Effect Pigment (FWD)


Forward Fine Chemical is a professional supplier engaged in research, production and development as well as offering service of effect pigment. They focus on technology innovation in the area of pearl pigment to provide superb products and services for many industrial in the world, such as pigment, plastics, printing ink, cosmetics and so on.


Forward’s Weather – Resistance Series is made by a process of hydrothermal sol-gel deposition. The top layer of the pigment comprises silicon dioxide, anti-ultraviolet absorption materials and organic coupling reagents for surface modification. The product has highlight at good colour intensity, high gloss, narrow particle size distribution, perfect resin affinity and excellent weather resistance, is suitable for the internal and external coating.  The performance of the product has reached or exceeded the standard by hot-humid aging test and artificial weathering aging test. The product has been accepted by the world-famous paint companies in automotive OEM and refinishing paint.


Forward Diamond Luster Pigment

Code Color Code Color
FWD5810 Emreka white FWD5823 Legend purple
FWD5820 Orloff trichromic FWD5824 Hope blue
FWD5821 Canary gold FWD5825 Dresden green
FWD5822 Holiday red

Forward Silver White Series

Code Colour Code Colour
FWD111 Satin silver FWD103 Argent pearl
FWD110 Lustrous fine silver FWD173 Sericeous pearl
FWD120 Lustrous satin FWD104 Sericeous pearl
FWD121 Resplendent satin FWD151 Lustrous pearl
FWD123 Resplendent satin FWD163 Twinkling pearl
FWD100 Argent pearl FWD183 Sparkling pearl

Forward Gold Series

Code Colour Code Colour
FWD300 Pearl gold FWD308 Classical gold
FWD301 Metalline gold FWD302 Satin gold
FWD303 Royal gold FWD323 Royal satin gold
FWD304 Mayan gold FWD351 Gleamy gold
FWD305 Red gold FWD353 Aglow gold
FWD306 Olympic gold FWD355 Glitter gold
FWD307 Abstruse gold

Forward Crystal Series

Code Color Code Color
FWD6801 Crystal fine gold FWD6830 Crystal red
FWD6802 Crystal fine red FWD6840 Crystal purple
FWD6803 Crystal fine purple FWD6850 Crystal blue
FWD6804 Crystal fine blue FWD6860 Crystal green
FWD6805 Crystal fine green FWD6881 Crystal sparkling gold
FWD6810 Crystal white FWD6882 Crystal sparkling red
FWD6820 Crystal gold FWD6883 Crystal sparkling purple

Forward Metallic Color Luster Series

Code Color Code Color
FWD500 Bronze FWD522 Red-Brown satin
FWD502 Red-Brown FWD524 Wine red satin
FWD504 Wine red FWD525 Mauve satin
FWD505 Mauve FWD530 Glittery bronze
FWD508 Ruby red FWD532 Glittery red-brown
FWD509 Breen FWD534 Glittery wine red
FWD510 Bronze-coloured FWD535 Glittery mauve
FWD520 Bronze satin

Forward Iridovirus Series

Code Colour Code Colour
FWD208 Sericeous gold FWD223 Satin purple
FWD205 Pearlescent gold FWD221 Satin blue
FWD215 Pearlescent red FWD231 Satin green
FWD219 Pearlescent purple FWD249 Glittery gold
FWD225 Pearlescent blue FWD259 Glittery red
FWD224 Pearlescent pansy FWD269 Glittery purple
FWD235 Pearlescent green FWD289 Glitteryblue
FWD201 Satin gold FWD299 Glittery green
FWD211 Satin red

Forward Colour Luster Series

Code Color Code Color
FWD400 Lustrously blue FWD408 Sap green
FWD400B Lustrously pure blue FWD410 Cupreous-Brown
FWD403 Peachblow FWD411 Fuscous Brown
FWD404 Slight purple FWD415 Magic red
FWD405B Silver blue FWD416 Scarlet
FWD406 Peak green FWD418 Rose color
FWD437 Sparkling green FWD419 Magic Purple
FWD451 Sparkling blue FWD419B Invariable purple
FWD452 Sparkling red FWD421 Interference yellow
FWD491 Sparkling yellow FWD424 Violet
FWD483 Sericeous purple FWD425 Interference blue
FWD401 Lustrously black  FWD427 Cobalt blue
FWD402 Silver black  FWD430 Gleamy fuscous copper
FWD407 Silver grey  FWD435 Apple green