The additive started production and sales of DISPARLON, a highly functional dditives developed through long-term accumulated original technology of rheology control, dispersion and interface control. It has a wide range of applications including printing inks, sealants, and adhesives in addition to paints for automobiles, ships, heavy-duty coating and buildings, contributing to a pleasant environment with industrial materials.



(Leveling/Anti-cratering agents)


Disparlon LHP-Series are surface control agents based on specially prepared acrylic and vinyl polymer. These products have such unique properties as to eliminate cratering caused by various kind of dirt /stain or spray mists. They are very effective in industrial coatings where a high-quality film appearance is required.



  • Greatly improve the flow and provide excellent surface appearance
  • Eliminate cratering and film defects due to various contaminants
  • Eliminate formation of Benard-Cell
  • Provide Excellent re-coat property


LAP-10, LAP-20, LAP-30

(Anti-popping / Defoaming agents)


Disparlon LAP-10, LAP -20 and LAP-30 are anti-popping/defoaming agents based on an acrylic polymer developed specifically for high-polar coatings like high-solid baking systems.



  • Effective particularly in preventing popping associated with high-solid coatings involving methylated melamine, which is said to be difficult to control with conventional additives.
  • In addition to the ability to prevent popping, these products can give leveling properties to the coating, thus eliminating the Benard-cell formation and floating.
  • Silicone free/good recoatability



(Shock Absorber for S/B Coatings)


Disparlon SAA series are unique additives based on special polymer to give shock-absorbing property to S/B coatings. The polymer in SAA series has a special structure consisting of hard and soft segments in order to function as a shock absorber. SAA series will be dispersed as fine particles in coating film without lowering the hardness of the coating. SAA series can be used for various coatings from automotive exterior, guardrails or other coatings where a shock-absorbing/anti-chipping property is needed.



(Crosslinkable Silicone Leveling Agent for S/B Coatings)


Disparlon LS-280 is a hydroxy functional silicone, so it can react with resin systems such as isocyanate-curing, melamine-curing and epoxy-curing. Therefore, the effects imparted by Disparlon LS-280 are maintained much longer in these paint systems.



  • Excellent leveling/DOI and slip/anti-scratch
  • Excellent graffiti-proof and easy-cleaning in reactive resin systems
  • More permanent effects in reactive resin systems
  • Excellent dispersibility and stability on ageing in paint systems



(Surface control agent for S/B coatings)


Disparlon SEI-1501, SEI-1502, and SEI-1503 are surface freeenergy increasing agents composed of an acrylic polymer. Unlike general surface control agents, Disparlon SEIs improve inter-coat adhesion and wetting property of a topcoat by increasing surface free energy of a primer, and impart hydrophilic property to coating film. Disparlon SEIs improve substrate wetting and leveling properties. Disparlon SEIs don’t contain any solvent and can be used in a wide range of coating systems.



  • Improves inter-coat adhesion and wetting property of a topcoat by increasing surface free energy of a primer
  • Imparts hydrophilic property
  • Improves substrate wetting and leveling properties
  • Liquid form – easy incorporation
  • Solvent-free
  • Silicone-free, Fluorine-free


P-465, P-466, P-467

(Defoaming / Anti-popping agent)


Disparlon P-465, P-466 & P-467 are defoaming agents based on vinyl polymers. These products are characterized by the quick and persistent defoaming effects in high viscosity, high polar and high solid content systems such as flooring, waterproofing, and paints where existing defoamers cannot work well.


Advantages & Applications:

  • P-465 is suitable for high polar systems such as solvent-free epoxy floor coating. P-465 can provide excellent defoaming effect with various amines with different curing rates.
  • P-466 is high versatility type and can be used in various coating systems. P-466 can promote air release even in high viscosity coating systems.
  • P-467 is suitable for middle polar systems, especially for high viscosity polyurethane coatings.



(Anti-sagging / Anti-settling agent)


Disparlon EZ-777 is an easy dispersible paste of a specially activated synthetic amide wax. It easily incorporates into many vehicles and / or solvents and develops an exceptionally strong and long retained thixotropic structure.



  • Strong and long retained anti-sagging / settling properties
  • Little or no seeding, minimal impact on gloss and weather resistance
  • Less dependency on incorporation method for excellent dispersion
  • No need for precise temperature control and pregel preparation for the activation
  • Contributes to an improved orientationo of metal pigments
  • Compatible with a wide range of solvents and resins
  • Methanol free



(Rheology control agent for waterborne systems)


Disparlon AQH-800 is a rheology control agent composed of a hybrid compound of a polyamide and an amide wax. Disparlon AQH-800 forms a needle-like structure by itself in a coating system and prevents settling and hard caking. Unlike general waterborne thickeners, Disparlon AQH-800 can provide high thixotropic property without excess viscosity increasing. The coating solution containing Disparlon AQH-800 has better thermostability compared with general thickeners.



  • Easy incorporation – can be added directly into the coating systems.
  • High shear thinning property – Excellent anti-settling & anti-sagging properties. Excellent sprayability
  • Excellent thermostability – caused by the enhanced network structure through
  • Solvent independent – can be use in wide range of the WB coating systems, from Emulsion types of Water-soluble types


AQ- 340,AQ-360, AQ-380

(Dispersant for pigments in water-based)



  • Reduction of co-solvent when making colour pigment pre-dispersions
  • Reduces dispersion viscosity with carbon black in particular
  • Excellent dispensability even in high pigment loaded systems including carbon black.
  • Improves hiding power, gloss, colour sharpness and DOI.



(Anti-sagging/Anti-settling agent)


Disparlon BB-102 is thixotropicagent based on amide wax pre-actived in HAPs free solvents. Disparlon BB-102 is very soft paste designed for easy incorporation by post-adds.



  • Strong anti-sagging/anti-settling effect
  • Easy incorporation (No need to make Master-bacth)
  • No heat activation


DA-325 , LAP-20

(Combination use of Dispersant & Defoamer)



  • Dispersant – Provides excellent pigment-wetting effect, reduces paint viscosity and helps foams to reach the coating surface quickly.
  • Defoamer – Efficiently breaks foam on the coating surface.




Thixotropes / Anti-sagging / Anti-setting additives for water borne

Product Composition Product Composition
AQ-001 Acrylic polymer AQ-870 Amine salt of polyamide
AQ-600 Amine salt of polyamide AQX-60 Amine salt of polyamide
AQ-607 Amine salt of polyamide AQX-61 Amine salt of polyamide
AQ-610 Amine salt of polyamide AQH-800 Modified amine salt of polyamide
AQ-630 Amine salt of polyamide AQH-810 Modified amine salt of polyamide
AQ-633E Amine salt of polyamide

Dispersants for water borne

Product Composition Product Composition
AQ-320 Polyether phosphate AQ-360 Amine salt of anionic surfactant
AQ-330 Polyether phosphate AQ-380 Acrylic polymer
AQ-340 Amine salt of polyether phosphate AQ-D400 Acrylic polymer and amine

Defoaming / Anti-popping additives for water borne

Product Composition Product Composition
AQ-501 Vinyl polymer


AQ-7503 Vinyl polymer


AQ-530S Vinyl polymer AQ-7533 Vinyl polymer


Leveling/ Anti-cratering / Wetting additives for water borne

Product Composition  Product  Composition
 AQ-7120  Acrylic-silicone copolymer LS-460   Polyether modified silicone
 AQ-7180  Polyether modified silicone  LS-480  Polyether modified silicone
 LS-430  Polyether modified silicone  

Pre-activated type Thixotropes

 Product Composition Product Composition
 6900-20X  Pre-actived amide  EZ-777  Pre-actived amide
 A603-20X  Pre-actived amide  F-9030  Pre-actived amide
 A630-20X  Pre-actived amide  PFA-231  Pre-actived amide
 A670-20M  Pre-actived amide  PFA-250  Pre-actived amide
 A671-EZ  Pre-actived amide  3500  Polyether phosphate
 BB-102  Pre-actived amide

Pigment dependent Thixotropes

Product Composition Product Composition
4200-10 Oxidized polyethylene PF-911 Oxidized polyethylene
4200-20 Oxidized polyethylene NS-30 Oxidized polyethylene with amide

Hybrid type Thixotropes

Product Composition
NS-5500 Oxidized polyethylene with amide
NS-5503 Oxidized polyethylene with amide
F-9050 Oxidized polyethylene with amide

Powder Thixotropes

Product Composition Product Composition
6300 Amide / polymer hybrid 6650 Amide
6500 Amide 6700 Amide
6600 Amide

Dispersing / Pigment wetting

Product Composition Product Composition
2150 Aliphatic polycarboxylic acid KS-873N Amine salt of polyetherester carboxylic acid
DA-234 Amine salt of polyether ester SPD-200 Polyester acid, amide and amine
DA-325 Amine salt of polyether phosphate SPD-201SS Polyester acid, amide and amine
DA-375 Polyether phosphate SPD-202SS Polyester acid, amide and amine
KS-273N Amine salt of polyetherester, Acrylic polymer SPD-203SS Polyester acid, amide and amine
KS-281 Amine salt of polyetherester, Acrylic polymer

Defoaming / Anti-popping (Acrylic & Vinyl type)

Product Composition Product Composition
1958 Vinyl polymer OX-750HF Acrylic polymer
LAP-10 Vinyl polymer OX-880EF Acrylic polymer
LAP-20 Acrylic polymer OX-881 Acrylic polymer
LAP-30 Acrylic polymer OX-883HF Acrylic polymer
OX-60 Acrylic polymer P-420 Vinyl polymer
OX-70 Acrylic polymer SPX-11 Acrylic polymer
OX-77 Acrylic polymer SPX-20 Vinyl polymer
OX-710 Acrylic polymer SPX-21 Acrylic polymer
OX-740 Acrylic polymer SPX-35 Vinyl polymer

Defoaming (Silicone type)

Product Composition
1933 Modified silicone
SPX-44 Modifies silicone

Defoaming (Solvent free type)

Product Composition
UVX-188 Vinyl polymer
UVX-189 Vinyl polymer
UVX-190 Vinyl polymer

Leveling / Anti-cratering / Wetting (Acrylic & Vinyl type)

Product Composition Product Composition
230 Acylic polymer LCN-400 Acylic polymer
1970 Acylic polymer LF-1985 Acylic polymer
L-1980N Acylic polymer SPL-85 Acylic polymer
L-1982N Acylic polymer UVX-35 Vinyl polymer
L-1983N Acylic polymer UVX-36 Vinyl polymer
L-1984N Acylic polymer

Leveling / Anti-cratering / Wetting (Acrylic – silicone type)

Product Composition Product Composition
LHP-810 Acrylic-silicone copolymer SPL-80 Acrylic-silicone copolymer
NSH-8430HF Acrylic-silicone copolymer UVX-272 Acrylic-silicone copolymer

Leveling / Anti-cratering

Product Composition Product Composition
LHP-90 Vinyl polymer LHP-95 Acylic polymer
LHP-91 Vinyl polymer with silicone LHP-96 Acylic polymer with silicone

Leveling / Anti-cratering / Wetting (Silicone type)

Product Composition Product Composition
LS-280 Crosslinkable silicone SPL-71 Acylic polymer with silicone
LS-430 Polyether modified silicone SPL-91 Modified silicone
LS-460 Polyether modified silicone SPL-92 Modified silicone
LS-480 Polyether modified silicone SPL-93 Modified silicone
SPL-70 Vinyl polymer with silicone SPL-94 Modified silicone