Chemipol is a chemical company established in 1979, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of biocides. additives and process chemicals. Biocides and Additives for Paints, Coatings, Polymer Emulsions, Inks, Construction Chemicals, Metalworking Fluids among other Technical Materials.



Densipol is family integrates a range of defoamers formulated for a number of different application.

  1. Mineral Oil Defoamers
  2. Silicone Defoamers
  3. Polymeric Defoamers

Biopol TC3

(Preservative for water-borne)

Biopol TC3 is a broad spectrum biocide based on aqueous solution of CMIT/MIT stabilized with magnesium and cupper salts. It is suitable for the preservation of a broad range of water-borne products, with an excellent low cost-effectiveness. It is free of formaldehyde and is also free of solvents and VOC.


Densipol PS 100

(Foam control agent for aqueous)

Densipol PS 100 is an aqueous foam control agent, with antifoaming and air-releasing properties, based on a combination of organo-polysiloxanes tridimensionally modified and non-ionic surfactants.



  • Cost-effective
  • High effectiveness in strong shearing conditions
  • Excellent emulsionability


Densipol WO 3025

(Deformer for water-based)

Densipol WO 3025 is an aqueous defoamer based on hydrocarbons, fatty acids derivatives and hydrophobic compounds. It contains silicone.



  • Cost-effective
  • Very good stability
  • Excellent emulsionability


Biopol XM

(Preservative for water-borne)

Biopol XM is a broad spectrum biocide based on an aqueous formulation of BIT, MIT. It is recommended for protection of water-based systems where pH and/or temperature do not allow the use of CMIT/MIT as well as formaldehyde sensitive formulations.



  • Active against bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • VOC free and AOC free
  • Effective over a wide pH range from 2 to 20
  • Good thermal stability up to 80ºC
  • Cost-effective



Water based In-Can Preservatives

Biopol JM Family Biopol TC 3 Biopol FI 31 Biopol XMB
Biopol MSO Family Biopol WJ Biopol TK 1 Biopol XMT
Biopol KF Family Biopol ITS Biopol XM Biopol XMO
Biopol IB Family Biopol C 15 Biopol XMC Biopol 103
Biopol VR Family      

Water based Dry-film Preservatives

Fungipol 237 Fungipol 710 FL Fungipol P family Fungipol 600
Fungipol 351 Fungipol PTI 15 Fungipol KH Sanipol0 75
Fungipol 458 FL Fungipol AX 45 Fungipol IPC family  

Water based Micro-Encapsulated Dry-Film Preservatives

Fungipol CP 1 Fungipol CP 237 Fungipol CP 124
Fungipol CP 14 Fungipol CP 123

Water based Mineral Oil Defoamers

Densipol WO 2402 Densipol 3025 Densipol PA 318 Densipol PA 700
Densipol WO 2901 Densipol PA 120 Densipol PA 630 Densipol PA 700 N
Densipol WO 2915 Densipol PA 240

Water based Silicone Defoamers

Densipol RMB Densipol SI

Water based Polymeric Defoamers

Densipol PS Family Densipol TA 40
Densipol TA 10

Water based Dispersing Agents

Chemiphos  Chemicryl 500 C
Chemicryl 250  Chemicryl 400 A

Water based Wetting Agents

Detersol AL 74 Detersol EN 45
Detersol AL 100

Water based White Colour Enhancers

Chemipol UV Chemipol AZ family

Water based Pigments for coloured coatings production

 Aquapol Egarsol
 Egarpol  Tintes Aquapol
Egaruni Aquapol Uni

Water based for multicolour decorative coatings production

Chemipol Decor Chemipol Vulcano
Floculo NG